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What do an Australian bank, a Kuwaiti airline and European manufacturing company have in common?

Plenary™, the most versatile enterprise decision management platform on the market, implemented by AGYS globally across various industries, with great results.

Bendigo Adelaide Bank

Bendigo Adelaide Bank selected AGYS and our PlenaryTM decision management application for the deployment of a group of strategic commercial banking process applications, including Credit card authorization, Deposit account openings, Transaction accounts and Mortgage discharge, to name some. The Australian bank delivers retail banking products and services to more than 1.4 million customers via a national network of 190 company owned branches, 275 locally-owned Community Bank branches, 90 agencies and 1,900 ATM’s.


Kuwait Airways Corporation

AGYS, in collaboration with our joint venture partner, Gulf Business Machine, the Exclusive IBM Partner in the Gulf Central Countries, is implementing an Integrated Human Capital Management system for managing all mission critical HR business processes within Kuwait Airways Corporation. The customer was looking for a flexible, scalable and dynamic solution that would provide end to end orchestration of all their core HCM activities across the organization. Our solution is comprised of an integrated solution whereby the customer uses SAP for managing the daily activities surrounding logging and updating employee files, running payroll and identifying exceptions that required human centric management. PlenaryTM, AGYS’s enterprise decision management solution, built on top of IBM’s BPM Platform, was employed to orchestrate the management of 27 of the common HR decision processes such as vacation approvals, excess overtime approvals, salary increases and the like. We also implemented the Zucchetti system to capture and calculate all time and attendance information from the employee base and IBM’s Cast Iron served as the integration layer for processing batch data between the systems.


AEM Timisoara

AGYS implemented Plenary™ within the integrated information system for production planning and execution at AEM Timisoara, a worldwide manufacturer and national leader in producing a wide range of measurement devices. AGYS is providing AEM a complete solution that embeds four main components: SAP ERP for Production Planning and Control, Plenary™, IBM Cast Iron as a middleware technology and Data Mart for integrating more than 180 existing disparate data sources. Plenary™ leverages SAP for greater value, as it pulls integrated sets of information from its modules to support each individual request and decision. This way requesters and decision makers have all information for decision making from a single source.

Adela Wiener, CEO at Agys
Adela Wiener, CEO at Agys

“We take great pride in the client solutions implemented at Bendigo, KAC and AEM. Each continues to illustrate the unique value of Plenary™as an industry independent foundation for multi path, dynamic, rules intensive decision processes, while offering an advanced user experience, a significantly enhanced end user manageability and rapid deployment”, states Adela Wiener, CEO of AGYS.

About AGYS

AGYS is a provider of business performance improvement  solutions that help optimize the performance of a company’s most missions critical business processes, instill a continuous improvement cycle in a company’s operations and monitor all key metrics to organizational performance.

Over the past 10 years, AGYS has developed a deep BPM solution portfolio that includes business process improvement offerings for gaining increased governance and control across a variety of key organizational operational areas such as Finance, Human Capital Management, Contract and Policy Management, Investment Analysis, Inventory Monitoring and Production Planning, to name some. Included in this portfolio are our Award Winning applications,  Plenary™, a governance platform for orchestrating corporate wide approvals across virtually every area of primary capital, legislative and contractual risk and MCP™, a supply chain orchestration solution for major capital investment portfolio management.

Plenary™, MCP™ and our other BPM solutions have been implemented across 16 countries and a broad spectrum of Public and Private sector verticals such as Oil & Gas, Construction, Energy & Utilities, Banking and Manufacturing, to name some.