Single source for managing all your banking needs

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Omni Connect™

An omnichannel solution that serves as an enhanced presentation layer for the bank’s prospective and existing customers and delivers a seamless banking experience built around customer engagement and operations excellence.

  • Dynamic and functionally rich Online-banking platform served through Web and Mobile
  • Single platform for managing all banking needs
  • Delivers true end-to-end solution for onboarding of customers, new accounts opening and origination of credit products, when used in conjunction with our AccountConnect™ and LoanConnect™ solutions
  • Faster processing time, decreased time to market, operational costs cut down and increased customer satisfaction

Key Functions


Single Point of Contact for Customers

  • Integrates all online channels of communication between a bank and its clients into a single and coherent environment offering a unified experience on all devices
  • Single platform for digitalized front office that reduces the cost of development and maintenance.

One application for all devices

  • Clients can easily use the online and mobile banking services as there is one coherent environment, whatever the device, that allows them to have a seamless, consistent, and real-time relationship with their bank, for managing all banking needs.
  • Unlocks new revenue streams by eliminating the multi-channel customer experience gap and maximize customer engagement across all banking channels

Enhanced security via multiple authorization levels

  • Multi-factor security protocol payments and service transactions originating from mobile banking, online banking
  • Real-time customer verification using digital ID and biometrics at login
Omniconnect dashboard

Customer application status tracker

Enables clients with a real-time view into the status of every application for Credit Card and Personal Loan.

Both closed and open application requests can be easily accessed online and checked for further information.

  • Reference of request
  • Application date
  • Tenor (for Personal Loan application )
  • Interest rate
  • Billing cycle ( for Credit Card application )
Omniconnect dashboard
software accesibility

Prospect onboarding journey

Utilizes customer interaction data, advanced market segmentation and personalization to proactively engage customers across all channels in order to improve the customer journey and deliver the right products and services to the right customer segments

Key benefits

Enhanced and unified experience for customer across on all devices

system management features

All features available on all devices

systems functionality

Seamless customer communication

Full visibility around process lifecycle

increased efficiency

Plug in solution for further admin activities

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