For the origination, approval and disbursal of a full range of commercial credit offerings

loan connect

Loan Connect™

Digital business application for managing the complete lifecycle of a credit product request, including initiation, analysis, approval and disbursal.

  • One application with product bundling capabilities: Credit Cards, Overdraft, Personal Loans, Auto Loans, Mortgages and On-Boarding
  • Cross channel applicability: On-line, Mobile, Branch, Customer Service and Direct Sales
  • On premise or private cloud deployment

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Key Functions

single point activity

Single point of activity

For managing the end to end approval process including all necessary checks and evaluations, customer documents, document creation, system recommendations for specific actions, product disbursal.

industry standard integration

Industry standard integration

Interfaces with common banking systems such as core banking, AML, internal / external risk or fraud check systems (Credit Bureau, Scoring Engines), online portals, SMS gateways, SWIFT and more.

industry standard integration
identify and isolate banking software

Identify and isolate operational process issues

LoanConnect™ enables banks to rapidly identify and isolate operational process issues and then actively intervene in the functionality of the process application, for addressing operational problems.

powered by the core

Powered by The Core™

LoanConnect™ allows authorized users to modify and manage all dynamic elements of an application without the need for coding, relying on a vendor or waiting for internal change requests to be processed: organizational structure, business objects, catalogs, messages, notifications and many more. Through Approval Matrix™ our customers can manage delegation of authority around all decision making in their solution based on simple and non- code based, rules editing functionality.

powered by the core
complete audit

Complete audit trail capabilities

LoanConnect™ offers complete audit trail capabilities for all systems and user actions, integration calls and even data modification at an UI level.

Key Benefits

immediate adoption software icon

Immediate adoption of all commercial, risk and compliance changes both from government bodies and internal policies through LoanConnect™ non-code based management capabilities and overall bank independence from code based changes.

significant competitive icon

Significant competitive advantage in time and cost for banking product origination.

differentiate significant icon

Differentiating engagement model with retail market (Attraction, Retention).

application drive upselling icon

Applications that drive upselling and cross selling.

rapid implementation icon

Rapid Implementation time (4-5 months).

BankConnect solutions are designed for use in a variety of multi channels for client acquisition models as well as for serving extensive banking needs. For those customers who are still looking to implement a digital front end for onboarding and credit product requests, we can provide one as part of a complete front to back solution.

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