CEO Message

AGYS Proceeds with a year of Innovation

Adela Wiener, CEO at Agys

Adela Wiener

“2017 continues to be an exciting year for AGYS, as we move forward with the rollout of both new and enhanced product offerings, deliver new high impact solutions for our customers and enter into new and exciting growth markets.
Q3 marked the release of our latest enhanced version of AccountConnectTM, an end-to-end platform for the onboarding of a full range of consumer and high net worth banking clients.  AccountConnectTM represents our second major digital product release of the year, following on the successful Q1 launch of LoanConnectTM, a solution for managing the application, approval and disbursal of a full assortment of credit products.
AccountConnectTM delivers full front-to-back functionality, balancing an enhanced customer engagement experience, with improved risk management and the assurance of compliant behavior throughout. More so, like all BankConnectTM offerings, Account Connect contains our proprietary “Core” management platform, which allows customers to reconfigure and rapidly deploy a full range of application changes, without the need for costly and time-consuming code based CR cycles; ensuring system functionality remains in lock step with the operational profile of the client.

Following on the late Spring release of our Low Code process automation platform, BlueFabricTM, we are pleased to announce the new launch of our BlueFabricTM process application marketplace. The BlueFabricTM app marketplace hosts ready- made horizontal and vertical market processes applications, which can be pulled down and consumed by any organization, using the BlueFabricTM platform. These automated business processes are currently built, by both AGYS and a rapidly growing number of marketplace contributors, who are looking to leverage broader commercial value from their process automation experience and best-in-class process automation developments. The marketplace is an important extension to our ultimate goal of delivering low cost, low overhead and rapid process automation value for our clients.

The final and perhaps most exciting announcement to date, involves AGYS formal entry into the Blockchain space, where we are preparing to launch a smart contract solution to run on Ethereum’s market leading smart contract execution platform. Our product, BlueFabric SCTM, will allow rapid and collaborative development of smart contracts that can be quickly launched for trading. It will serve to promote faster adoption of smart contracts for a wide potential of commercial and consumer applications and with it, increased value of broader cryptocurrency and blockchain markets. Underpinning this initiative, will be our ICO launch (Swiss TGE- Token Generation Event), targeted for beginning of Q1 2018.

As always, I would like to close by thanking all of our partners, both clients and suppliers, for their continued business and support. Special thanks to our team for their ongoing commitment and innovation. The future couldn’t be brighter.“- Adela Wiener