BPM implementation for the orchestration of the mortgage discharge process at Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Group, Australia

Melbourne, May 2014 – Bendigo and Adelaide Bank has gone live with an end-to-end mortgage discharge process application, designed and implemented by AGYS, in partnership with iOctane. The Bank’s solution is deployed on top of AGYS’s Plenary decision management application and manages all mortgage discharge decisions and authorizations for the Bank’s Processing Centre, Customer Contact and Customer Care divisions.

Through the Processing Life Cycle, the solution covers the entire flow of Mortgage Discharge activity, from recording customer data and mortgage information to quality checks and the actual discharge completion. In the first phases of the process, the Customer Contact and Care department is involved and notified for client retention purposes. PlenaryTM enables the Bank to integrate the variables surrounding each process approval condition and either provide system approval or rejection, with full visibility and an audit trail, or route them for human approval.

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Group delivers retail and wholesale banking products and services to more than 1.4 million customers via a national network of 191 company owned branches, 302 locally-owned Community Bank® branches, 108 agencies and 1,900 ATMs. The Australian bank was looking for a process management solution that helped ensure adherence to both internal and external rules, in support of advanced Basel II Advanced Accreditation, while promoting an improved user experience, better functional utility and finally, a more manageable non-code based mechanism for incorporating operational changes into process logic.

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Processing Centre Operations Manager Andrew Kay said: “With AGYS’s PlenaryTM acting as the foundation for the mortgage discharge process, the Bank benefits from complete process automation and real-time process monitoring through all stages, offering us full traceability and visibility. Another great thing is that the application correlates and manages different time zones, so day-by-day work runs smoothly and the management team is provided with integrated information. Moreover, the solution offers an improved user experience thanks to the high customization and user friendly interfaces.”

Adela Wiener, CEO at AGYS

Adela Wiener, AGYS’s CEO, said: “PlenaryTM is designed in such a way, that Bendigo and Adelaide Bank is able to manage any rule change or update in a non-code based way, through the intelligent capabilities of Process Live ManagerTM and Plenary CoreTM. The solution allows both internal users and external requester to track the status and result of their requests in real time and assists the management team with relevant reports for decision making.”

About Bendigo Adelaide Bank

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Group was formed in November 2007 as a result of the merger between Bendigo Bank and Adelaide Bank. A publicly listed company, the group is owned by more than 90,000 shareholders. The retail arm, Bendigo Bank, delivers retail banking products and services to more than 1.4 million retail customers via a national network of 600 branches and agencies. Through Adelaide Bank, the group operates a substantial wholesale banking business, providing mortgages to a large number of Australians via a network of brokers and mortgage managers.