BankConnect Digital Applications Portfolio @ IBM Europe Smarter Process Partner Summit

Jon Wiener, Partner at AGYS, talked about the company’s innovative digital transformation solutions portfolio for the banking sector at the 5th IBM Europe Smarter Process Partner Summit in Amsterdam this week.

He talked about trends and common challenges in banking, including the fact that banks are increasingly trying to get away from the “Process Journey” and are seeking a faster path to implementing concrete value, in order to rapidly differentiate their capabilities within this highly competitive sector. While doing this, they still need to ensure and enhance compliance and improve numerous facets of risk management.

In this respect, Jon explained the solid foundation behind BankConnect’s speed of delivery and quick time to value that is typically 50% shorter than for similar projects within the sector. This comes as the result of 11 years of experience in this domain, as well as a tangible set of capabilities and innovation. All BankConnect applications use our common unique IP layer for rapid application deployment for multi-tenant, multi-geography, on premise and cloud based offerings, while ensuring complete self-manageability of all application elements in a non-code based way.

The elements that make it unique are the CoreTM, Approval Matrix, Process Live Manager and Process Live View.

The CoreTM is an application development accelerator and Client Management platform built on top of IBM BPM, which serves to eliminate up to 40% of the standard bespoke coding involved in a process automation development cycle. It provides a rapid process deployment framework, with which the client can quickly and effectively add future decision process applications. With CoreTM, each new process application leverages the same information stored in common business and systems catalogs. This significantly reduces implementation time of applications because application developers don’t need to replicate steps associated with common business elements in each application. Approval Matrix is a very special feature within the Core, which allows definition of multiple approval levels, configuration of approval routing based on unlimited conditions, assignment of roles in specific case driven decision processes and if the client chooses, it even automates system decision making.

Process Live View (PLV) and Process Live Manager (PLM) work together for enabling a bank to rapidly identify and isolate operational process issues and then actively intervene in the functionality of the process application, for addressing operational problems.

PLV provides a real time, graphical and text based representation of all cases flowing through the process automation solution. These cases are represented in volume by stage and broken down within each stage by time banded and configurable KPI’s, representing processing time goals of the bank. It delivers the ability to quickly identify bottlenecks, isolate which instances have reached unacceptable or critical phases, measure performance by stage, operation and user and in a single click, raise the full case for rapid intervention by a department or process owner. PLM, the companion tool to PLV, provides the ability for an authorized process owner to essentially “intervene” in the process flow for the purpose of addressing tactical operational issues that are either identified in PLV or raised by specific stakeholders.

“This year’s Smarter Process Partner Summit gave us the opportunity to present our latest developments and innovation in front of IBM executives and partners community. We were very happy to receive great feedback and recognition for our BankConnect applications portfolio and the unique IP behind it, which comes together with the ongoing market validation and our customers’ success stories”, Jon Wiener, Partner AGYS.