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AGYS, formerly known as BPM Wave International AG, is a globally recognized leader in the design, implementation and support of process automation solutions for the Banking Sector. Recognized by IBM WorldWide as one of the top 3 global organizations in the field and awarded for continuous innovation, the company has built and implemented over a dozen high impact commercial banking applications that are being utilized by customers in 14 countries in Europe, Australia and the GCC.

The AGYS product suite of banking solutions are branded under the name of BankConnect™ and focus primarily in the areas of:

  • New Customer Engagement and Onboarding
  • Credit Instrument Origination and Issuance
  • Integrated Risk Management
  • Compliance Assurance

AGYS has also launched a low-code process development platform, named BlueFabric™, running on IBM BPM in the Cloud. BlueFabric delivers our banking clients an innovative line of business platform for easily designing and rolling out volume back office business processes in a highly cost effective manner.

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AGYS banking solutions

The AGYS product suite of banking solutions are branded under the name of BankConnect™ and focus primarily in the areas of:

  • New Customer Engagement and Onboarding
  • Credit Instrument Origination and Issuance
  • Integrated Risk Management
  • Compliance Assurance

Low-code process development platform

AGYS has also launched a low-code process development platform, named BlueFabric™, running on IBM BPM in the Cloud. BlueFabric delivers our banking clients an innovative line of business platform for easily designing and rolling out volume back office business processes in a highly cost effective manner.

Management Team

Adela Wiener, CEO at AGYS

Adela Wiener

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As CEO and one of the companies founders. Adela has spent the past 15 years committed to the development and growth of AGYS.

Today she oversees virtually every facet of the companies business operations, including planning and oversite of international business expansion, internal operations, including both delivery and support organizations, product development, finance and Human Resource Management. Prior to assuming the position of CEO, Adela held various roles on both the delivery and business development sides of the organization, two of note being chief of operations, overseeing all client solution implementations and development of technology and market partnerships that serve the foundation of the companies operations today.

Adela has vast experience in Enterprise Architecture frameworks, BPM concepts and methodologies, Process Modeling standards and techniques, and Software development frameworks. She also maintains a significant background in academic research, being member of Business Process Management Group (BPMG), which has as main goal to promote research and experience exchange activities in the business process management field (business process analysis, business architecture, system architecture, business process improvement, compliance and change management).

Adela holds a BBA from The Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest, as well as a PhD in the Theory of Systems from The University of Polytechnics in Bucharest. She is also a member of BP Trends, a community formed by outstanding experts in the field of business process management, including enterprise architects, Six Sigma and Eight Omega experts.

Cornel Vintila, President & Managing Partner

Cornel Vintila
President & Managing Partner

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Cornel Vintila, founder of the AGYS Group, has over 30 years experience in management, business development, consulting and leadership within the IT&C field.

Prior to founding AGYS Group, Cornel held the positions of: President of the Board of Directors and Project Manager at EuDis Mehedinti, Vice-president and Head of Software Division at CG&GC Intelligent Technology SA, Member of the Board of Directors at Small and Medium Enterprises Magazine, as well as at Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Prahova, Founder & Partner at SC Transdata SA.

Cornel holds a Master Degree in Telecommunication Management – from the Cable & Wireless College of UK, Malta and a Master Degree in Electronics – from the Polytechnic University of Bucharest, Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications. He is also a member of BPMG, as well as of BP Trends.

Jonathan Wiener-Partner & VP of Sales and Marketing

Jonathan Wiener
Partner & VP of Sales and Marketing

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Jon Wiener has over 25 years of experience developing high growth companies across the global technology field. Since joining AGYS 7 years ago, Mr. Wiener has lead the company’s international expansion efforts, working with clients in 14 countries to help achieve significant operational and financial benefits through automation of mission critical business process applications.

Jon’s core competencies reside in the areas of corporate business planning, international business market expansion, 3rd party channel development initiatives and alignment of product development initiatives with market sector demands. He has also orchestrated numerous external investment initiatives.

Jon holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from the University of Colorado in the United States.

Corneliu Bilbie , CFO at AGYS

Corneliu Bilbie

Corneliu is in the company from the beginning and since 2009 holds the position of Head Quarter CFO. He is currently dealing with fiscal and financial regulations in a cross-countries environment, acting as a hub between Switzerland, Romania and Dubai.
Corneliu holds a Bachelor Degree in Finance from Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest.

Ramona Sammouh
VP of Operations & Delivery

As VP of Operations & Delivery, Ramona manages the day-to-day internal operations activities for both Delivery and Support divisions. She owns internal and external coordination efforts throughout the delivery lifecycle and leads cross-department alignment initiatives in order to effectively utilize workforce management and carry out company’s tactical strategies.

Andrei Vintila
Deputy Operations & Delivery VP

Andrei has been with the company for more than 7 years and now he is holding a position that helps shape the future of AGYS’s products and build out the delivery capabilities. He has a background in Software Architecture and Functional Analysis.

Bogdan Lefter
VP of Product

Bogdan brings over a decade of management experience to Agys after working in a variety of professional roles that endowed him with extensive knowledge in areas such as: solution architecture and design, functional analysis, BPM, QA and solution deployment. Over the last couple of years, he undertook the responsibility of building and managing a new department, with an aim of building a low-code platform, called BlueFabric, that represents today a parallel line of business within Agys.

Vlad Lepadatu
Business Analysis Manager

Vlad took the lead of the department about 2 years ago. He is in charge with delivering business process management software implementations and continuous deliverables improvement.
Vlad holds an International Certification for Business Analyst profession from the International Institute of Business Analysis ( IIBA) .

Valentin Neacsu
Project Management Office Head

After over a decade of working in management leadership in banks across all Europe, Valentin valuable experience led him in being accountable  with delivering all Agys’s tactical projects. As Project Management Office Head he is in charge with all customer and partner interactions, both in presales and post – sales stage (presales, customer onboarding, environment set-ups, business analysis, training, QA and project management).

Razvan Turtureanu
EAI Manager

Razvan brings over a decade of management experience to AGYS . He started as Sysadmin, shortly after he took the lead as IT Infrastructure Manager and System Architect, then as CIO and last as EAI Manager. After working in a variety of professional roles and being involved in various business driven IT projects he acquired a solid Know-How in developing IT infrastructure and software development teams, in defining and designing integration solutions and IT infrastructures and gain extensive knowledge in the following technologies : IBM SOA solution design, IBM WebSphere MQ and Cast Iron and IBM integration Bus.

Marian Patru
Customer Care Manager

Marian is responsible for ensuring the delivery of technical support services to Agys clients within time, budget and at the highest quality.
With a problem-solving mindset, client-oriented communication, decision making and conflict resolution abilities, Marian coordinates with great success problem resolution by involving internal support groups, vendors, suppliers and customers.

Cosmin Danisor
Software Development Manager

There is no software application development tool or technology that Cosmin doesn’t master. He holds a BSc in Computer Science Enterprise, as well as a BSc from the Faculty of Automatics and brings to AGYS over a decade of experience in software development for enterprise architecture applications. He was involved in projects for prestigious clients like ING Home Bank , Gulf Bank, Kuwait Airlines, Mashreq Bank and EON Moldova. Over a couple of years, he took the lead of Software Development Team after proving himself to be valuable mentor to our passionate developers and a successful software development  project lead.

George Gatej
Quality Assurance Manager

George is passionate about Quality and Automation and he is always looking to ensure that our partners have the best experience using Agys products. As QA Manager, George is in charge with maintaining and increasing product quality by establishing product attributes and quality attributes. When not establishing test strategy and adapting procedures for a project, he can probably be found with a teammate doing a review on the latest video games on the market. George is certified by ISTQB® (International Software Testing Qualifications Board).

Marinela Tache
HR Director

Marinela is passionate about people and her strong belief is that they are the key to a company success. Make a bound team and you will conquer new horizons, for others would be impossible. Marinela has experience in HR management for more than 10 years, covering this domain with professional competencies, business understanding and people leading skills. She is one of AGYS’ latter discoveries. Very enthusiastic person, driven by challenges and results oriented. She is extremely dedicate in finding the right person for the right position.

Marian Bojescu
DevOps Engineer Expert

Marian started as System Engineer at AGYS and soon after that took the lead of the IT Department. Over the last couple of years, he decided to concentrate on he liked the most, to develop scripts that automate server builds, OS patches and deployment of application to delivery, test, SIT, UAT and production environments and it wasn’t long until he became a DevOps Guru.

Daniel Vintila
Purchasing Manager

Daniel enjoys the thrill and rush of adrenaline of a negotiation.
Throughout his effective negotiation, world wide scale networking, Daniel enables our company to operate at the highest standards and efficiency by being in charge with providing the best quality equipment, goods and services, at the most competitive prices.

Lucretia Teohar
Chief Accountant

Lucretia has been with the company since the beginning and helped with putting together our hub in Romania. With an experience of over 20 years as  Chief Accountant, Lucretia brings to Agys her strong expertise in the financial and tax legislation domain. Lucretia has a BSc in Electronics Engineering from Polytechnic University of Bucharest, Romania.

Our People

Our success depends on our people so we strongly believe in creating a community where employees enjoy coming to work and help keeping AGYS a great place to be employed.

Check out our open opportunities at bank-connect.ch/careers.