A Day in the Life of a Process Owner – Governance, transparency and self-manageability

Meet David Brown. He is a process owner…the one who has the ultimate responsibility for the performance of a process in realizing its objectives based on predefined KPIs.

We, at AGYS, know that process owners need the best instruments to analyze and solve problems when they appear, and react in real time. That’s why we developed Process Live ViewTM and Process Live ManagerTM.

Process Live ViewTM (PLV) is a real time graphical and text based representation of all processes in a single view, helping process owners quickly assess the health of all processes, while identifying opportunities for improvement. Process Live ManagerTM(PLM) offers them the ability to modify and self-manage all elements of process applications without relying on a vendor or hiring in house resources.


Watch the video to see how they work together for unique business value and enhanced user experience, using a sample banking case.